One Time PPC Full Service


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In our One Time Full Service package for WooCommerce and Shopify we look into every single moving part of your shop and your PPC campaigns and analyse from A to Z which parts need improvement. We start at making sure that all the visitor data is being collected correctly and that only relevant conversions are being measured. Second, we evaluate which key performance goals for the campaigns have been set and if the PPC campaigns are optimised for those goals. Putting all pieces together we deduct an ideal strategy and tactics that you can implement by your own. On two 30 minute calls we discuss all the details and results.

We will shine light on your conversion measurement, audience collection as well as the PPC marketing setup and will give you the directions that you need to avoid unnecessary cost, to optimise your campaigns with tactics that will improve your chances to increase profitability and revenue.

Do you want to see that the right metrics are being measured in a high quality?
Do you want to be sure that you’re spending your ad budget on relevant goals?
Do you want to improve your chances to meet your profitability and revenue targets?

If you say yes to all those questions, then the PPC Full Service is the right package for you.