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The Wolf+Bär Agency is now official HubSpot Solutions Partner !

Wait, wait. What, when and why?

Not long ago we decided internally to become HubSpot Solutions Partner to bring this CRM closer to our existing and new customers.

Why did the agency decide to expand its services to include CRM and marketing automation?

We have always been committed to the “data-driven optimization of marketing”. This has always been a little easier for us in the e-commerce area, since the most important measuring points (from the first visit to the purchase) are all measurable via the online shop. It was also easy for us because we developed a free plugin for WooCommerce especially for this purpose, which is now used by more than 30’000 online shops worldwide: WooCommerce Google Ads Conversion Tracking

But with customers for whom we generate leads, it was always a little more difficult to measure the entire funnel up to signed contracts and to optimize the campaigns with the limited data obtained.

We have encountered numerous CRM solutions at customers’ sites, which in many cases have not made it easy for us to obtain the necessary data. At the same time, we have noticed that the CRM and marketing automation systems used on the customer side often do not follow the latest developments. Therefore, we have searched and tested CRM and marketing automation solutions over the years, which allow us to achieve data-based marketing and a high degree of utilization on the customer side.

The philosophy behind it is: Only if we offer an integrated solution, we can create an optimal interaction and thus the best conditions for maximum profit.

And that’s why it’s right that we not only advise our customers throughout the entire funnel, as we have done up to now, but also offer them concrete solutions for the future.

But why HubSpot and not some other tool?

Over the years we have tested various CRM and marketing automation solutions. We identified three main features which are particularly important for our clients success.

1. Measurability and data synchronization: The tool must be able to measure all data points with high accuracy and this data must be easily accessible from other apps. It must also be easy to create useful reports based on the data.

2. High degree of utilization: The tool must be very easy to use for everyone. It must be so simple that the users intuitively achieve a high degree of utilization. Because only a tool that is being used is a good tool.

3. An ecosystem of functions: It makes sense if the data from the CRM can be used simultaneously for marketing automation. Ideally, marketing, sales, and administration work hand in hand in a single tool, with all data on one platform, thus promoting a high degree of synergy.

HubSpot meets all these requirements to a very high degree.

That’s why we have decided to partner with HubSpot to create the highest possible added value for our customers.

Click here to visit our partner profile on Hubspot: HubSpot Solutions Partner Profile

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