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Today's online marketing efforts can be measured – so why stay in the dark?

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''The Wolf+Bär agency has been working for us in the area of business development since 2019. Despite the difficult environment, Benedict is very successful. We also owe this success to the great support of the Wolf+Bär agency.''

Cem Topçu, Head Of Marketing, Benedict-School

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''If you have a WooCommerce store, want to optimize by profit margins and would enjoy collaborating with an agency that does more than just ads -- I recommend working with W+B. They're an integral part of my store's success and I truly enjoy the working and personal relationships that I have gained with the W+B team. I could not recommend them enough.''

Carrington Dillon, General Manager, NorthCoastKeyless



''Our e-commerce business stands and falls with Sales and reliable data on profits. For those sales, I rely on the Wolf+Bär agency: their expertise and investment in keeping up to date with whatever new things Google and socials roll out. They are staying on top of their game and protecting my interest.''

Dipl.-Ing. Mark Koemans, General Manager, Surfdeal



Wolf+Bär are digital marketing and advertising EXPERTS. They’re constantly staying up to date with the latest industry tools and best practices. I have worked with multiple service providers and they are some of the best and most honest, professional and revenue driven. They’re constantly looking out for the best interests of my company, both on a revenue and cost standpoint.

Jeffrey Maganis, Founder ChargeTech

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''We brought Wolf+Bär on board to run performance marketing campaigns for Solgaard.co. They pointed out that there was potential to improve the conversion rate on our online shop. With their data driven approach they first pinpointed the issues and proved their theory by running an A/B-test in a second step, revealing that the new design was indeed much better. Not only has it benefitted the campaigns they’re running, but sales actually increased across the board – by more than 100%.''

Adrian Solgaard, Founder Solgaard


Data Science

Online marketing is a science to us. We use a strictly data driven approach to maximise profitability and growth for our clients.



Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control over and over and over again We are CRO enthusiasts. This is our way of life and what we do - every day.


Sales Focus

We design landing pages for our clients with only one goal in mind: High conversion rates. Once the landing pages are online we continue to improve them with our data driven approach.


Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising, PPC, Social Media PPC, Remarketing, Display Networks. Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

We optimize landing pages and campaigns with A/B-tests and Google Optimize to improve conversion rates over time.

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Above-the-fold-centric designs with optimized Calls-To-Action, images and text. High reliability servers and seamless partner integrations.


Brain Food

Visit our blog. Lots of amazing info here. For free.

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Google Dynamic Retargeting for WooCommerce

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