Podcast: Unveiling the Synergy Between Our Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency and Pixel Manager


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Hi everyone,

I recently enjoyed being a guest on the wildcloud Podcast, hosted by the brilliant co-founders Roger Rosweide and Wijnand van Leeuwen. This podcast delves into the exciting intersection our dynamic digital marketing and advertising agency, called ''Wolf+Bär''. And our other business called ''SweetCode'', where we create products. Like Pixel Manager, the nr. 1 plugin for tracking and optimising conversions for WooCommerce.

In this 1 hour podcast, we go into:

  • Discovering the Magic of wildcloud: We start by unraveling the essence of wildcloud and its potential to automatically sell prebuilt, managed websites that can be continually enhanced.
  • My Journey to Becoming a Digital Marketing and Advertising Expert: I shared my journey and the insights that shaped me into a digital marketing and advertising aficionado.
  • Synergy of growing two businesses simultaneously On one side, making the best plugin, and on the other, growing the agency.
  • Pixel Manager: A Peek "Under the Hood": I shed light on the advantages of Pixel Manager over competitor plugins and how it plays a pivotal role in optimizing e-commerce
  • Tracking and Optimizing Lead Generation: We explore the power of Google Tag Manager in tracking and optimizing lead generation, a crucial aspect of any digital marketing strategy.
  • Fundamental methodology: ‘’We look at the data and improve.’’
  • Lessons learned: ‘’Success is proportional to time invested.’’
  • Outlook
  • A small selection of excellent tools Aleks uses daily
    • Screen Studio (easy screen recordings)
    • Cody AI (AI-powered virtual employee)
    • Docusaurus (a.o. publish documentation) Markdown editor for a.o. Blogposts

There you have it, hope you enjoy it.

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More on wildcloud

wildcloud is a leading WordPress Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that's quickly gaining momentum globally. It's presented by founders Wijnand van Leeuwen and Roger Rosweide.

In 2023, wildcloud earned a nomination for the Innovation Award from WooSesh. The platform empowers WordPress entrepreneurs to generate consistent income by providing the tools to establish their own counterparts to Shopify, Wix, or Webflow, all through the versatility of WordPress.

wildcloud offers a seamless way to market and distribute managed, pre-designed websites which can be updated and enhanced centrally as needed.

More on SweetCode

SweetCode is creator of innovative tools such as the Pixel Manager for WooCommerce and Google Automated Discounts, received a nomination for the best WooCommerce plugin of 2023 by WooSesh. Our Pixel Manager stands out as the simplest solution for monitoring your WooCommerce store's traffic and sales conversions. Developed and refined by our expert performance marketers, it's renowned for its precision, minimal system footprint, and user-friendly yet adaptable configuration.

As a newcomer, you can trust in the reliability and exactness of your tracking results.

More on Wolf+Bär Agency

The Wolf+Bär Agency is a performance marketing agency, being lauded as specialists in digital marketing and advertising. We are recognized for our commitment to keeping abreast with the most current industry tools and practices. They consistently prioritize our customers company's interests from both a revenue enhancement and cost-effectiveness perspective.

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