Numerous measures were implemented, from setting clear targets to improving measurement and streamlining strategies.

The results are clear to see. The costs per conversion have been reduced and inquiries have increased.

At the same time, knowledge and experience were exchanged.


Thanks to its marketing mix, Benedict has enjoyed above-average growth and great success over many years. During this time, marketing has grown organically with the company. New resources were constantly added in order to react to the respective requirements. Strategies were adapted to the changing environment.

At the beginning of 2019, there were various personnel changes in the Benedict marketing team. Wolf+Bär was engaged as a performance agency.

In close collaboration with Benedict, a new strategic concept was drawn up, objectives defined, corresponding measures agreed and implemented on an ongoing basis, including

  • Creation of a comprehensive, uniform and solid database in order to make better strategic decisions
  • Optimization of the existing search engine marketing strategy
  • Identification of further conversion optimization potential in the funnel (visitor channels, website, lead processing) and
  • Modernization and expansion of the underlying technology pool

Introduction of improved telephone measurement and merging of the various Google Analytics profiles.

Revision of all Google Ads campaigns, with consistent localization to the four Benedict locations while streamlining the campaign structure.

Corrections to website tracking to enable improved measurement of contact points.

Analysis of lead processing, development of concepts to improve reporting.

At the same time, lead processing was analyzed. Various potentials were uncovered. Current and planned projects will reduce media disruptions, merge marketing and sales processes and add new tools.

The employees of the Wolf+Bär agency are passionate enablers who succeed in inspiring decision-makers and stakeholders with their competent, inspiring and at the same time level-headed manner.

Thanks to their analytical skills, holistic way of thinking and consistent focus on performance, the Wolf+Bär agency drives companies forward. Benedict has different brands with different target groups and orientations.

The Wolf+Bär agency has been working for us in the area of business development for over a year now. Despite the difficult environment, Benedict is very successful. We also owe this success to the great support of the Wolf+Bär agency.

Cem Topçu, Head Of Marketing, Benedict-School