Implementing a Gamechanger into the business of NorthCoastKeyless

W+B manages all paid ads across all platforms for,  a WooCommerce (Woo) Website selling car keys.

W+ B creates innovative solutions like custom plugins to improve and track profitability.

NorthCoastKeyless had a 500% increase in both revenue and profit dollars since the start in 2019. Becoming the number 1 player in the US. Competing with Wallmarkt and Amazon. 


Before W+B, the customer had set up a simple collective shopping campaign.

We let the customer explain the trigger for a collaboration with W+B.

''I had a lightbulb moment of creating some sort of solution that would make Google Ads optimize for profit rather than revenue for my store. I did not know how this could be achieved, so I took a shot and reached out to W+B because they were the plugin developer for my conversion reporting plugin that reported revenue to Google Ads for each conversion. Aleks, at W+B, was able to understand my goal and happily create a custom plugin solution that would report my profit margin to Google instead of my revenue for each sale. This resulted in Google optimizing sales for my highest margin products. I still could not be more proud of this solution. It has changed the game for my business. W+B didn't stop innovating with that one plugin, we have worked together to create many more that continue to bring massive value to my business.''


  • In short, the business goal was to exploit the full sales potential of the market while achieving fairly high-profit targets.
  • Optimize the structure and the content of all campaigns and the paid ads.
  • Optimize the website for a better conversion and exploit a second income stream.
  • ''Swiss Engineer'' a new way to optimize Google for profit, instead of revenue.

W+B took control of the Google Ads and Amazon ads accounts.

W+B optimized Ads structure and goals to maximize revenue while achieving specific profit goals.

W+B optimized the Woocommerce (Woo) store for conversion. And improved the second income stream from Adsense on the informative pages of the website.

W+B implemented a custom plugin that lets Google optimize for profitmargin rather than revenue. 

In 2023 W+B implemented Google Automated Discounts. A new way to win on price from competitors in the 'race to the bottom'. Learn more about it in this Blogpost.

If you have a WooCommerce store, want to optimize by profit margins and would enjoy collaborating with an agency that does more than just ads -- I recommend working with W+B. They're an integral part of my store's success and I truly enjoy the working and personal relationships that I have gained with the W+B team. I could not recommend them enough. 

Carrington Dillon, General Manager, NorthCoastKeyless