Set up Google and social ads to track and optimize ad performance. Since 2019.

Optimise webshop (Woocommerce + Shopware 6) pages for conversion.

Doubled sales in the first year, from 500'000 $ annually to over one million $ annually.

Lowered conversion costs and achieved target profit margins.

Set up dropshipping and grow from 100 products to 100'000 products. 

Still bootstrapped and competing in the watersports market with large retailers like Decathlon, Galaxus, Brack, and Amazon.


Before the Wolf+Bär agency stepped in, this client had one search campaign running, set up by a freelancer. The client was only selling his brand of stand-up paddling boards.

Afraid of increased competition in this trendy product, he wanted to professionalize online sales.

Furthermore, the client feared that the website would become irrelevant after the trend would slow down.

In 2018, the client was looking for an Agency and found us online. We had a consultation call, after which he was onboarded.

Together with Surfdeal, we set the short-term and the long-term goals.

  • Short-term goal: Increase sales and profit by digital marketing measures, especially for Stand Up Paddling. ''riding the wave of the trend.''
  • Long-term goal 1: More and various products, still focussed on watersports. Don't take inventory. Instead, connect via API, also called "dropshipping."
  • Long-term goal 2: Expand the company's brand product line horizontally. Because in the future, APIs might disappear when brands sell D2C (Direct To Consumer)

Structured and set up multiple Google and social Ad campaigns (a.o. search, shopping, dynamic re-marketing, p-max). Facebook campaigns. 

Intensely track and optimize Ad performance. Squeezing the most out of each dollar ad budget.

Together, we defined target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and fine-tuned campaigns to achieve them.

Exploited opportunities, increased ad budget, and maximized turn-over. 

Product feeds to the Google Merchant Centre. Expanding the shop to >100'000 products. 

Help migrate the webshop from Woo to Shopware 6 in 2022/23.

Our e-commerce business stands and falls with Sales and reliable data on profits. 

No sales, no income, no profit. And no money to invest in our battle to defend our position in the watersports market against large players like Amazon, Galaxus, Decathlon, etc.

Over the years, we learned how W+B works, and together, we have fun driving the webshop based on measured data. Optimize our campaigns and ads. Ultimately providing a stable annual income.

For those sales, I rely on the Wolf+Bär agency: their expertise and investment in keeping up to date with whatever new things Google and socials roll out. They are staying on top of their game and protecting my interest.

M. Koemans - Dipl-Ing. General Manager, Surfdeal